Sunday, 7 August 2011

What is Green Sticker Society?

The story behind the name is a personal incident involving the law enforcers of the land. Arguably "green stickered" on something that was not necessary a "green sticker" offense; although that is not the point of this. The point is that we (at least I do) live in a world where we have become so encompassed in a "protective bubble", in which causes a catalyst of emotions including paranoia. The Bored Housewives Committee (something I've termed for the mothers of this generation of people) tag teaming with the ever frenzied media have created the image of:

"Oh no, that young man has a powerful car. HE MUST BE A BOYRACER!"


"Oh no, that car is so low, the world is going end! Can't someone think of the children?!"

When have you ever heard of a person who's older than 30 driving a nice car "smashing their car off the road due to power of car" in a newspaper article? It has always been "middle aged woman's car was found off the side of the road as it lost control". See the implied terms? Every male driver under 30 is implied to be the bane of existence upon our roads.

Now, get this - they tell us "Take it off the street onto the track"

Next thing you know; "Waah, track is too noisy." Move to shut down track due to excessive noise

So what do you want us to do? We take it off the road, and the problem shifts to "noisy" conditions. I say, why are you living so close to a racetrack in the first place? Places around Hampton Downs are made to sign waiver forms with the Council to ensure this doesn't happen.

Note: I am not endorsing street racing, drifting, drags or anything of that nature. I am merely pointing out the wide bandying of car enthusiasts with young and reckless hoons is scapegoating. It is always sad to hear of someone killing someone else because they drove recklessly, but it is not fair to instantly imply that one who owns a modified or high performance car is instantly in the wrong when it comes to car accidents. The example I can think of in my head is a young man, 20 years of age, was killed in an accident in the Manawatu region. When the story first broke, it was implied that he had caused it. Two hours later, the news was updated and found the middle aged man who had not stopped at the intersection was at fault. He survived. Had this been the other way, in which the middle aged man was killed due to a careless young driver, there would have been the typical knee-jerk reaction from the Bored Housewives Committee to be up in arms about protecting their children from scary young drivers on the road.

I am not resentful towards the law, just disappointed at how draconian some of it is, plain oversight for a fair bit and stupidity for the rest. Police officers do their jobs, they are human, and should not be treated as fun killers. However, when they are out to prove their position of power by driving a line which is arguably wrong then what's our right of redress? The actions of Police are not reviewable by much of the law; to see judicial review requires exhausting your rights in court (and seeking Ombudsman help is not applicable as they are excluded from the law due to statutory provisions) which can be extremely costly over a $200 fine.

If you are still unsure about what Green Sticker Society is, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you. I want everyone who has read this to come away understanding what I feel, but not to develop resentment for the law enforcers. They did not create the law, they are simply enforcing the law as they see fit. I also want people to note, this is probably going to be the most serious post I make on this blog ever. I just want to vent and get it out of my head now so it doesn't drag me down.


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