Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bunch of Guys with Cars' Meet

I don't get out much these days and when I do, it's usually because I have something work related or people to see. The whole car thing gets put on the backburner a bit. Although, driving my car and seeing cars always makes me feel a bit left out when I do go out to these sorta things.

Recently, there's been monthly meets in Wellington - nothing extravagant, just people and cars. It started out as a Bwarp thing a long time ago and reaching boiling point in which it was difficult to contain so many cars in one space without any dramas. Now, it's been run by a group of lads with cars, appropriately titled Bunch of Guys with Cars.

I thought I'd pop down and see what the fuss is, seeing it's university mid-term break - I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see what I'm missing out on.

As per usual, click on each photo for high res options and to find the album of photos.


Something I didn't expect to appear was Pimppalacecustom's truck to be rolled in IMG_6217


Honestly, couldn't keep my eyes off it. IMG_6240



Gung never fails to surprise and impress - the latest iteration of his beauty. IMG_6231





Don't get me wrong, there were many, many, many other cars that night. When you don't come to these sorta things, the people you see and catch up with gets the better of you and the time to take pictures. I have some photos from BWARP's skid pad day at Hampton Downs which I will be putting up tomorrow too.

Yemo x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Friends with cars

Okay, the last official update of this blog was in May. That makes me a terrible blog keeper and a writer. However, if you are a Facebook fan, you will have seen little tidbits here and there going up. Once again, an apology from me. At this rate, it could be one post per season!

In my defence, quality over quantity - I hope today this is the case. The location we have is turning out to be quite the popular watering hole for us friends of GSS. No brownie points for noticing the last lot of photos I've been taking all have been in the same place. Anyway, what I'm getting at is a myriad of crap is not going to be as that one perfect thing.

I got to meet some new faces and a new car - every time I have seen this drive, my jaw has dropped. It is one that doesn't seem the light of day much, but heads roll when it does.

This is wide, this is low and this is classy. Nothing is in your face, yet everything is. One does not need to look far to see that this is nothing short of immaculate. 18/19" staggered TE37s, wide body guards and big kit scream street staunch. Sadly, did not stick around long enough for more photos.

In the last 6 months, I have definitely seen a rise of Instagram photos being the new mobile norm. I am one of those users and it has definitely been quite interesting to see what people have been taking photos of and with. Just a bit of instagram-inception for you (whilst I was working on this photo, I took one on my phone for max inception)

This was my photo

Rich brought down his new S15 slammed out on some big wheels (18x10 -1) and HSD coilovers. The Yellow S15 is Dom's - that's recently seen a return to factory bumpers and spoiler - changes the car completely. richs15
Have to say, it looks pretty mint on the big wheels and running a nice amount of camber. If you ever catch this driving and you're behind it, boy, you're in for a surprise!

I have more photos - I might drop em slowly over the next couple of days depending on how busy I get with work and university stuff. Remember though, keep doing it how you want to do it, not how the Internet tells you to do it because it's your car, your love and your passion. Most of all, have fun doing it; it is always about the mates, the laughs and skinned knuckles.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Julian's Honda Beat @ Obsessive Security

This weekend has been full of ups and good weather - I like this. Even though it is indeed starting to feel a bit more nippy, the crisp air still lifts the mood as it buckets down in sunshine. The following car is owned by a Wellington based vehicle alarm specialist - Julian Dunster. Someone who truly is passionate about people's cars safety and doesn't spin bullshit on the alarms he sells and installs (very well I must add!). Check him out here.


I had the pleasure of shooting a unique and full of character car - a Honda Beat. Don't let the body deceive you into thinking this is some post-2000 brain explosion that many car companies were having, but a very early 1990s car. The car was originally yellow, then resprayed a BMW yellow (before Julian) to what it is now, a custom silver with a hint of pearl. The paint refreshes the whole car and really makes you forget a car like this is 20 years old! The very first thing that strikes you about this car is how little it is. It's really hard to get a sense of how small this is without other cars around but take my word for it, it is not a big car. However, this car doesn't need to be big to do what it does - with a 660cc mid-mounted engine going to the rear wheels, lots of fun can be had without the need of power. It's light, nimble and will definitely put a smile on your face even as a passenger.


The interior has seen a refresh - retrimmed seats (again, very understated and looks very factory) in leather, suede door and dash retrim, marine Fusion headunit, Momo steering wheel and of course, a cupholder (the most important part of them all). The only remnant of the yellow is under the bonnet.


The exterior, at a glance, retains the OEM look. If you look closer, it's the subtle things that strike you - the front lip, the aftermarket side skirts and the body colour mudflaps enveloping the twin exhaust tips. Although it is no stance monster or a ground hugging machine, the little car holds its own and oozes character.

This is a car I would happily own. Cheap to run, lots of fun, RWD and best of all - it's unique. You're not going to find another one like this around, even if you tried. It's very subtly styled and it is a rolling advertisement for Julian. Boy, the alarm is LOUD. I could feel my ears oscillating as he set the alarm off. It was a shame that the 'smoke bomb' he had setup needed a refill for the smoke canister, because I was looking forward that! If you ever need any alarm work done, fixing or installing, go see Julian. Truly values car security for the people not the money.



Sunday, 22 April 2012

Autumn in Wellington

What's good, people?

A spur of the moment led to a few cars, good people and some photos. That's the crux of the any grassroot scene in any part of the world. I enjoy these far better than bigger meets (although, they have their place and often are significant for their own reasons). Everyone knows everyone, people get along, have a laugh and be merry. Ain't that right, Milk (of the Phresh and Phruity Crew)?

Let me introduce James and his Evolution 1 RS (ed: I wrote it as a Evo 2, my bad!)


One of the tidiest, if not the tidiest, Evolutions in Wellington. Quietly unassuming, yet incredibly powered under the bonnet.



Look under the bonnet and it's nothing to sneeze at. It's been a long road to where it sits now with 322kw at all four wheels.


The iconic HKS cam gears hints at the prowess of this car. Having had a quick ride in it, I have to say, this is one serious street car. Look closely at the exhaust manifold, you'll find two wastegates for the twin-scroll Garrett snail that resides in the engine bay.
Although it rarely sees the light of day, the car is always presented in pristine condition. I look forward to the next set of modifications this car will receive.

Another cool dude from the local scene who's done well on the national level is Rich with his tough S14.
One of the first things that strike you about this car is it's aggressive stance. Running super wide SSR wheels and some hearty stretch, this car has the looks as well as the ability to place on the podium at D1NZ.
Look for a full feature on this car soon.

A dark horse of the NZ scene has to be Gung of the Circle Jerk Crew, owning two immaculate Hondas.

He brought with him his cool (and rare) daily - a EK coupe in black (Black cars are notoriously hard to get right in photos!). He is a self confessed wheel lover and connoisseur so every time I see this car, it pretty much has had a different set of wheels on it! You might know him for the white 2008 Civic Type R.
Again, no slouch in the "fast" department either; with a B18 block with B16a head. ARC intake, Mugen twin loop and a few other nifty little things to keep this car interesting
Interior has seen an update - Recaro seats and Type R floor mats.

Finally, Dom and his S15.
Been on the street scene for years and still keeping it cool.

And the 180 - well, the engine stuff has been done, and you may have noticed some new wheels in the front. Currently waiting on the side skirt to come and to complete the BN Sports bodykit. No, I'm not selling my Type X stuff - that's being tidied up and put somewhere safe. It'll come back onto the car another day.

The stickers have been a hit and are almost on the verge of selling out now. So if you want some and haven't gotten any yet, hit us up on facebook for details!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hey guys and girls,

Finally! Sticker time! It's been a long time coming (thanks for Duncan at Slotmedia/Creative Stance for the vinyl hook up) and I've been so slack at trying to piece it all together but now it's all done and ready to go!

And here's the kanji (japanese one on my car)

If you're looking to buy, leave me a message either via facebook group which you can click on the right of this page and send me a message there, or alternatively fire me an email at and we can sort something out.

It is $3 each or $5 for 2, you can double up on the offer and get them in pairs or whatever tickles your fancy. However, they're selling fast and I've only made a super limited amount just to gauge how popular these are!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

180SX Update

What's up everyone,

Hopefully the weekend has been going well; it's been a busy week once again and I am glad that after 4 more working days, it's a 2 week break for me! On Easter Sunday I shall be heading up to Manfeild again for another crack at the course. It's an STM run private track day, hopefully I shall be getting more than 2 sessions of racing :)

Over the last few weeks, I've been sorting out my car in preparation for it as well as general things that were intended to be finished off. So I'll just quickly ring em off a list:
  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • New OZ Racing suspension
  • Tomei Rocker Arms
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • BN Sports Kit
  • Passenger Bride seat
 Now that everything (except the side skirts and rear bumper) are completed, I am looking forward to the trackday. Although, I've been enjoying this car a whole heap as well since getting the bits done, the car feels a heap faster and just seemed to be healthier sounding. I ran on the STM dyno a few days ago just to confirm what I had been feeling and indeed, the car is running healthily! Making same power as it did before but with less boost required, more torque and harder and earlier spooling on the turbo = happy me. Just need to do a wheel alignment and that should be it!

I'll post pics once the rest of the kit goes onto my car because currently it looks a bit silly and I haven't really emphasised the need to have a perfect fitting kit because I just want it to fit and to look close enough that it doesn't look like it's falling off.

Oh yeah, I finally got some sound back in the car! After 4 long months of no headunit, lol.

So for anyone in the nearby area of Manfeild, Feilding - if your Easter Sunday is a bit idle I'm sure spectators are more than welcome at the trackday!

Yemo x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Procrastination at it's finest

Hey everyone,

It's been a big week for me that's just past. Law school has kicked it up a notch and so did the sunshine (finally!). Although, it is dreary and raining now; I shall hope to rekindle some good memories from the week that's just gone past in the photos from NZPC Hardpark in Wellington. It is the second time it's happened and I have to say I was absolutely astounded by the number of cars that were there,. Even the standard was higher from last year - the trends have really taken hold now. It's pretty obvious, everywhere you looked, stance and stretched tires was the keynote of the day. However, V8s, classic American and Japanese cars were still on the menu; many of very impressive stature and classiness.

Of course, with the territory of such events is the hoodlum trash that fill up the other end of the spectrum. I'm not talking about the cars but rather the behaviour by some in cars: dropping skids in a busy car park with people walking around? That's not really appropriate. Yelling abuse at police officers? Grow up. Leaving your rubbish behind and everywhere because you know that someone else will clean up after you - what are you 12 years old? I left early because of other arrangements and am glad I had missed the crap, but have heard some terrible recounts of shit just going down in the wrong way. It's one day where Wellington could have set the standard high - no dramas, no stupidity and try and change the perception of young people (and old) with modified vehicles. Of course, Japanese vehicles which are modified will have that stigma attached but I don't want anyone who genuinely chooses to modify cars for genuine applications to be associated with that stigma. Usually, I wouldn't complain about it and even if NZPC are complaining about it (you can email them and they're currently working with the Police and the Hutt Council to track down some of the vehicles) then you know something's up. I wait with baited breath to see if they come back next year...

Enough ranting - photos are available on Flickr as per usual. Titties!