Monday, 29 August 2011

Manfeild: My first outing

For someone who writes a blog (at least tries to), one would think that they would at least be knowledgeable and understanding of what they are writing or talking about and have had at least enough experience in that hobby to be able to say "yep, I've done that". The weekend that has just passed, I have broken my track virginity, and set myself loose to have some fun and just get some seat time.

However, my efforts were cut short early, suffering from (at the time of writing this post) coil pack failure on one of the four. I sounded like a tractor/Subaru on boost as I was choking at 5000rpm. This forced me to retire mid day despite only having one full session (running a 1:35 for my second lap on the track as my best), then two limped sessions just to see if my problem was going to improve.

Full set of day's photos can be found here. A big thanks must go out to Lauren, my lovely girlfriend, for taking majority of the photos. Although watermarked as mine, I'll make sure she gets credit for the photos that she took, which were all very good!

Waiting for scruntineering - passed easy!

The sound of it coming on boost and with the external wastegate open, it was glorious.

V8 MX8 - who can say no? End of the day, he put on his slicks and blew past some serious cars.


Tony's f***ing quick EF Civic. He has been racing this track since a very young age, and knows it like the back of his hand.

Some of the local drifters hitting up a grip event with the closure of Slipway in Wellington still being an issue. Not to say no drifting occurred on track that day...

This car doesn't get to run more than one, not even finishing his lap. Blowing his gearbox to smithereens!

This was serious. The sound of it flying past you at 200kph+ is something you don't forget quickly.

Notice the midmount steering column. This was loud too, I've never seen such an incredible car, although, it does race in GTNZ.

The calm before the storm.

First proper run of the day.

By far the loudest car out there, this flying brick was not to be sneezed at. Running very good times (albeit very noisily) throughout the day.

Lining up!


View from the front. My friend Andrew in the Civic ran blistering times (1:25~); for someone who's been on Manfeild once prior, that is very, very impressive.


And away I go!

I am a fan of this S13, have seen it another photoshoot, it is a drift weapon but driver has skill and held his own out there.

Amazing cars with the Evo was very quick around the track

Another shot of the Porsche as it was rolling out of it's pit after being set up on the day.


This ran in the Rookie class with me as well, from what I heard, it was using the track time as teething time. I found his build on oldschool - Build thread


Would hate to think how cold that must be. Then again, the adrenaline rush that one would get from driving that! Even I was all smiles behind my helmet as I was blasting off around the track.

Andrew blasting ahead, blitzing a turbo R33 along the way during the day! Well done man.

Photo of Tony and his EF again. Nom.

Be sure to check out my friend Lawrence and his photos here, he covers lots of car related events, including Manfeild. Hopefully, I'll be back out there soon!


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