Saturday, 6 August 2011

Warm Welcomes

Hello to the no one who shall read this.

This is the virgin threshold being smashed right open with a post that is far to cynical and far too average.

I am Yemo, based in Wellington, trying to make it through Victoria Law School whilst maintaining a lifestyle far beyond my means.

I love cars. Closely behind that is photography. So what happens when car meets photo? That's where I'd like to say I come in; I like taking photos of cars. That wasn't hard to follow was it? My heart lies with Japanese imports, but that's not to say I don't dig some American muscle or European machine. All have their merits, all have their characters and yet all are shaped by the two hands we all have. That's my fascination - how can they be so different yet so similar?

BLAZD Photoshoot

I'll try and bring to everyone (or the lack of; anyone) the day to day love, passion, frustration, fear, concern and possibly heartbreak for what they call the life of automotives. Trends - run from me now, for I will scorn, laugh and praise you in one mighty blog post.


One will have to forgive me as I have much to learn; I may not always be right but at least I will try and remain justified in my reasoning. I hope you enjoy your stay. I have struggled to write this succinctly without feeling like a twit.




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