Thursday, 6 October 2011

Insight into the 180SX

During the down time, with my time being spent on study (and procrastinating) I thought I'd give a bit of an insight into the plans for my car.
Thus far, it's pretty standard, doesn't have a lot on paper except upped boost (14.7psi via Greddy Profec B Spec 2) and a full 3" Blitz Exhaust (with an RS*R 3" downpipe). Doesn't even feature a front mount intercooler! Obviously the wheels (18" TE37 replicas with 25mm/15mm front and rear respectively) and Tein suspension has it sitting the way it does now.

So the plans for the car are as follows:
- Tomei Rocker Arm stoppers
- High volume baffled sump for track
- Adjustable castor, camber and toe
- Bride seats
- Bride interior fabric for door cards and glove box
- New headunit, speakers, amp and sub.
- BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbo - Click for more details! I've decided to choose the EFR because 1) it's quite an amazing turbo from what I've seen and heard. It runs an advanced design which has an internal BOV and internal wastegate that arguably give me a better setup and response.
- Sinco Manifold - 6boost copies but locally made and just as good.
- HDi Front Mount Intercooler - Just as good as entry level GReddy/Trust kits, but half the price
- Injector Dynamics ID1000 Injectors - Never enough fuel, if E85 becomes more available, I'll switch to an E85 tune.
- Link G4 plug and play - obvious reason is obvious! For the international readers, Link is a local company which produces a standalone aftermarket ECU which is up there with some of the best like Haltech in my opinion.
- Kelford 272/264 in/ex cams - would like feedback upon this. I would like my car to be able to be driven relatively easily, so I dunno if I should go 264/264, 272/264 or 272/272.
- Walbro 255 or Bosch 040 in-line - Can't justify an external setup at this stage.
- 4pot/2pot + 5 stud conversion

Parts bought so far:
- New Gearknob: Blox Limited Edition 490 24K Gold
- Bride Material
- Adjustable Castor arms

Probably going "wtf?!" none of that makes me go faster. Yeah, you're right. I bought them when I had brain explosions (except the arms which I needed to replace the OEM ones which were busted.)

Fast forward to this week

I've nutted out most of the niggly issues out of the 180, next step is the power and move to turn the car into something more track friendly and less road friendly (not that it wasn't road unfriendly enough as it is with it's stupidly stiff ride). The leaning out and detonation is the fuel pump whining at 6000rpm+ (I couldn't hear it when I was on the track because I had the helmet on) at 15psi.

Whilst I'm in Japan, I'm gonna try and pick up more useless shit, like cup holders, stickers, bubble shifters etc. A set of gauges would definitely go down a treat :)

Blog post isn't complete without some pics :D IMG_0465
Peace out

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