Wednesday, 12 October 2011

GSS x Phresh 'n' Phruity Spring Cruise

What's up everyone,
Few nights ago, the sky cleared and we decided on the sunny afternoon to do something about it. Admittedly, not a lot of these shots are my best but I had fun. I drove a nice Evo 7 (which is currently on sale! You'll find the number in the photos if you want it) and had good times all round. What's missing from these pictures is the amount of kids drooling at the cars when we (me) were getting petrol at BP. I haven't had reception like that for cars in a long time! Just a side note, I'm trying out some new watermark stamps, lemme know what you think of it - is it hard to read, is it too messy, is it easy to distinguish? However without further adieu, photos!

Spring is definitely here!

As per usual - full res pictures available by clicking on them!
IMG_0759 Giving her a wee wash before heading out! IMG_0765 IMG_0774 Evo vs Subaru - the age old battle... IMG_0764-2 Favourite of the night IMG_0761-2 IMG_0762-2 IMG_0784 Photo isn't that flash but look at the stars! :D IMG_0789
IMG_0791 Dat fitment! IMG_0792 IMG_0795 Brain explosion? Excessive use of Barbie and Transformer plasters - check. IMG_0797 Rest assured without Bryce sitting on his car, it's still low! IMG_0803 Nice. IMG_0808 IMG_0809
IMG_0810 What is Phruity aka Milk up to? Living up to his name I guess... IMG_0811 I suppose that looks dope! :P IMG_0814 Lololololololol IMG_0826

All in all, for a spontaneous meet, it was fun. Next time, I don't think I'll be buying plasters again at New World, though...

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