Saturday, 22 October 2011

GSS on the Wellington Scene

How's the spring weather treating you all? As days get longer, the feel of summer begins to creep in and for me, the smell of sea springs to mind. A wee while ago (I apologise for the delay, I'm frantically cramming for exams in the upcoming week and they're not gonna be a walk in the park!) my friend Mikey wanted to play around with his video feature on his SLR. I was willing to provide some static cover (admittedly, it would've been nice to shoot some video but shooting 1080p on an 8GB card would mean no photos) whilst he was shooting. Excuse the continued experimentation in the logo and watermark. I'm looking to finalise soon enough, let me know your opinions upon the new stuff!

IMG_0831 Matt and I were a bit early, so we popped off onto the marina for a few quick shots. IMG_0837 Car's way too jizztastic for it's good. I love the stock look, but upon closer inspection, there's much to it that is very subtle. There are big plans for this car, just need the time and money to make it happen. IMG_0852 Ravi's beautiful RX7
Sits rather well, practical yet staunch. IMG_0861 I've not seen a set of XD9s in this colour, Ravi tells me they're limited edition. I don't put it past Work to do such a thing, they look very, very good. Goes really well on the car - and yes it is a factory colour! IMG_0869 Had a wee sit in these. Despite my fat (and ever growing) ass, I fit in them snugly. I'm sold. Want! (Dear Santa...) IMG_0891 Very nice piece of kit under the hood too! It's not just all show, got plenty of go to boot. IMG_0858
Bit of a laugh! IMG_0860 Dom - a regular on the Wellington scene. Seen plenty of track time in that S15, still reliable as ever! That's my goal very soon, fair bit of power and reliable. There's a long road to go on the 180, but it'll get there. IMG_0901 Reliable 220kw at the wheels. Shreds the tires no worries! IMG_0904
He did say he just got some genuine drift bumper stickers. Enlarge the photo and take a look at the writing - amazing Engrish! IMG_0892 Man himself, Mikey hard at work. IMG_0900 Michael's AE82 Corolla FX-GT; notice the giant whale penis - it's loud. It's light, nimble...
IMG_0867 and helladirty! It adds some character to the little thing.
IMG_0865 IMG_0915 Forgive me, the early Evos are all dominated Evo 3 bodykits - I'm unsure what this actually is.
IMG_0911 However, it looks to run some big numbers at the wheels. I heard 300kw floating around at the meet, perhaps I heard wrong, though.
IMG_0896 Unfortunately, I didn't get more photos of this. It's a very powerful Civic, running B20 block and B18CR head making a very healthy amount of power (300kw+?) at the wheels. I wonder how much he struggles to put that down, though. I can't imagine how hard it would be to control that beast. The bonnet and guards were both carbon fibre pieces, visually striking appearance too.
IMG_0855 Another regular, Ryan and his RKLESS CL1. Drives it low, hard and fast. IMG_0884 An emerging character, Matt aka Muscles, and his beautiful STI coupe. Take a closer look IMG_0879 'Nuff said. IMG_0875 I really like the factory look but it had a subtle edge to it. I dig it. IMG_0877
Every time I look at this, it looks slightly wonkier than the other time. I've tried fixing it, I blame the shaky ground. IMG_0874 This sums it nicely for the coverage. It was a quiet meet, on the eve of historical rugby too. When we left for a cruise, the streets were teeming with people cheering in jubilation. 3 guesses what had happened huh? You can find Mikey's video of the night here. At the time of writing, it is just a teaser with the full length (hopefully) coming soon.

Anyway, have a good night everyone. GO THE ALL BLACKS!

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