Sunday, 24 June 2012

Friends with cars

Okay, the last official update of this blog was in May. That makes me a terrible blog keeper and a writer. However, if you are a Facebook fan, you will have seen little tidbits here and there going up. Once again, an apology from me. At this rate, it could be one post per season!

In my defence, quality over quantity - I hope today this is the case. The location we have is turning out to be quite the popular watering hole for us friends of GSS. No brownie points for noticing the last lot of photos I've been taking all have been in the same place. Anyway, what I'm getting at is a myriad of crap is not going to be as that one perfect thing.

I got to meet some new faces and a new car - every time I have seen this drive, my jaw has dropped. It is one that doesn't seem the light of day much, but heads roll when it does.

This is wide, this is low and this is classy. Nothing is in your face, yet everything is. One does not need to look far to see that this is nothing short of immaculate. 18/19" staggered TE37s, wide body guards and big kit scream street staunch. Sadly, did not stick around long enough for more photos.

In the last 6 months, I have definitely seen a rise of Instagram photos being the new mobile norm. I am one of those users and it has definitely been quite interesting to see what people have been taking photos of and with. Just a bit of instagram-inception for you (whilst I was working on this photo, I took one on my phone for max inception)

This was my photo

Rich brought down his new S15 slammed out on some big wheels (18x10 -1) and HSD coilovers. The Yellow S15 is Dom's - that's recently seen a return to factory bumpers and spoiler - changes the car completely. richs15
Have to say, it looks pretty mint on the big wheels and running a nice amount of camber. If you ever catch this driving and you're behind it, boy, you're in for a surprise!

I have more photos - I might drop em slowly over the next couple of days depending on how busy I get with work and university stuff. Remember though, keep doing it how you want to do it, not how the Internet tells you to do it because it's your car, your love and your passion. Most of all, have fun doing it; it is always about the mates, the laughs and skinned knuckles.


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