Sunday, 6 May 2012

Julian's Honda Beat @ Obsessive Security

This weekend has been full of ups and good weather - I like this. Even though it is indeed starting to feel a bit more nippy, the crisp air still lifts the mood as it buckets down in sunshine. The following car is owned by a Wellington based vehicle alarm specialist - Julian Dunster. Someone who truly is passionate about people's cars safety and doesn't spin bullshit on the alarms he sells and installs (very well I must add!). Check him out here.


I had the pleasure of shooting a unique and full of character car - a Honda Beat. Don't let the body deceive you into thinking this is some post-2000 brain explosion that many car companies were having, but a very early 1990s car. The car was originally yellow, then resprayed a BMW yellow (before Julian) to what it is now, a custom silver with a hint of pearl. The paint refreshes the whole car and really makes you forget a car like this is 20 years old! The very first thing that strikes you about this car is how little it is. It's really hard to get a sense of how small this is without other cars around but take my word for it, it is not a big car. However, this car doesn't need to be big to do what it does - with a 660cc mid-mounted engine going to the rear wheels, lots of fun can be had without the need of power. It's light, nimble and will definitely put a smile on your face even as a passenger.


The interior has seen a refresh - retrimmed seats (again, very understated and looks very factory) in leather, suede door and dash retrim, marine Fusion headunit, Momo steering wheel and of course, a cupholder (the most important part of them all). The only remnant of the yellow is under the bonnet.


The exterior, at a glance, retains the OEM look. If you look closer, it's the subtle things that strike you - the front lip, the aftermarket side skirts and the body colour mudflaps enveloping the twin exhaust tips. Although it is no stance monster or a ground hugging machine, the little car holds its own and oozes character.

This is a car I would happily own. Cheap to run, lots of fun, RWD and best of all - it's unique. You're not going to find another one like this around, even if you tried. It's very subtly styled and it is a rolling advertisement for Julian. Boy, the alarm is LOUD. I could feel my ears oscillating as he set the alarm off. It was a shame that the 'smoke bomb' he had setup needed a refill for the smoke canister, because I was looking forward that! If you ever need any alarm work done, fixing or installing, go see Julian. Truly values car security for the people not the money.



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  1. Good write up. I second the comments about Julian being GC for alarms and so forth. Also just a good bloke to get on the piss with!