Sunday, 1 April 2012

180SX Update

What's up everyone,

Hopefully the weekend has been going well; it's been a busy week once again and I am glad that after 4 more working days, it's a 2 week break for me! On Easter Sunday I shall be heading up to Manfeild again for another crack at the course. It's an STM run private track day, hopefully I shall be getting more than 2 sessions of racing :)

Over the last few weeks, I've been sorting out my car in preparation for it as well as general things that were intended to be finished off. So I'll just quickly ring em off a list:
  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • New OZ Racing suspension
  • Tomei Rocker Arms
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • BN Sports Kit
  • Passenger Bride seat
 Now that everything (except the side skirts and rear bumper) are completed, I am looking forward to the trackday. Although, I've been enjoying this car a whole heap as well since getting the bits done, the car feels a heap faster and just seemed to be healthier sounding. I ran on the STM dyno a few days ago just to confirm what I had been feeling and indeed, the car is running healthily! Making same power as it did before but with less boost required, more torque and harder and earlier spooling on the turbo = happy me. Just need to do a wheel alignment and that should be it!

I'll post pics once the rest of the kit goes onto my car because currently it looks a bit silly and I haven't really emphasised the need to have a perfect fitting kit because I just want it to fit and to look close enough that it doesn't look like it's falling off.

Oh yeah, I finally got some sound back in the car! After 4 long months of no headunit, lol.

So for anyone in the nearby area of Manfeild, Feilding - if your Easter Sunday is a bit idle I'm sure spectators are more than welcome at the trackday!

Yemo x

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