Thursday, 22 March 2012

Procrastination at it's finest

Hey everyone,

It's been a big week for me that's just past. Law school has kicked it up a notch and so did the sunshine (finally!). Although, it is dreary and raining now; I shall hope to rekindle some good memories from the week that's just gone past in the photos from NZPC Hardpark in Wellington. It is the second time it's happened and I have to say I was absolutely astounded by the number of cars that were there,. Even the standard was higher from last year - the trends have really taken hold now. It's pretty obvious, everywhere you looked, stance and stretched tires was the keynote of the day. However, V8s, classic American and Japanese cars were still on the menu; many of very impressive stature and classiness.

Of course, with the territory of such events is the hoodlum trash that fill up the other end of the spectrum. I'm not talking about the cars but rather the behaviour by some in cars: dropping skids in a busy car park with people walking around? That's not really appropriate. Yelling abuse at police officers? Grow up. Leaving your rubbish behind and everywhere because you know that someone else will clean up after you - what are you 12 years old? I left early because of other arrangements and am glad I had missed the crap, but have heard some terrible recounts of shit just going down in the wrong way. It's one day where Wellington could have set the standard high - no dramas, no stupidity and try and change the perception of young people (and old) with modified vehicles. Of course, Japanese vehicles which are modified will have that stigma attached but I don't want anyone who genuinely chooses to modify cars for genuine applications to be associated with that stigma. Usually, I wouldn't complain about it and even if NZPC are complaining about it (you can email them and they're currently working with the Police and the Hutt Council to track down some of the vehicles) then you know something's up. I wait with baited breath to see if they come back next year...

Enough ranting - photos are available on Flickr as per usual. Titties!



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